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The artist and his enviroment: Fausto Melotti

These three artists paid special attention to their natural and architectural environment. As a little escape in these homely days, we rescue some of their works and projects; examples of an extraordinary link between art, nature and architecture. On this occasion we propose an approach to works that were born thanks to a strong connection between the artist and his context.

Fausto Melotti and the collaboration with Gio Ponti

Fausto Melotti  (Rovereto, 1901 – Milan 1986) is one of the most renowned Italian modern sculptors. He was an engineer and in the 1930’s he started his career as sculptor; investigating with monochromatic reliefs based on a kind of space-light continuum. In 1937 he interrupted doing sculptures to start working on ceramics. During the 1940s he lived in Rome where he collaborated with the architectural studio Figini e Pollini’s for the Palazzo delle Forte Armani. This relation and strong interest in architecture went through all his career. After a period of almost total isolation and some experiments with painting, during the 1960’s he devoloped a personal language within the sculpture and space. Fausto Melotti colaborated widely with italian architects as Baldessari, Luigi Figini and Gino Pollini. During these years he stablished a strong personal and profesional relation with Gio Ponti. Ponti, architect, designer and artist graduated as an architect in Milan in 1921. In 1927 he founded Il Labirinto with Lancia, Buzzi, Marelli, Venini and Chiesa. il Labirinto produced high quality and stylish furniture and objects. From 1923 to 1930, Ponti was artistic director of the Richard Ginori ceramics. Thanks to the foundation of Domus magazine in 1928 (which he managed almost permanently until his death), Ponti made a contribution to the renewal of Italian production of architecture, design and critic. Ponti also has been a great promoter of the Monza Biennial, after the Milan Triennial, the Compasso d’Oro awards and the ADI. As an architect, he created the symbol of a new modern Milan; the Pirelli skyscraper designed with Fornaroli, Rosselli and Nervi in 1956.

Gio Ponti together with Fausto Melotti, created some of very iconic projects in the history of modern European architecture such as Villa Planchart in Caracas in 1956, Villa Nemazee in Tehran in 1960, hotel Il Parco dei Principi in Sorrento in 1960 or Alitalia’s office in New York. We would like here to remember some of those projects.

Parco dei Principi, Sorrento © Royal Group Hotels Resorts