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Book publication “Miquel Barceló – Kiwayu”, 2022

On the occasion of the exhibition “Kiwayu” we published a book with texts by Miquel Barceló and Paul Bowles. Bowles, besides being a friend of Barceló, also shared the experience of living on an exotic and unknown island in Taprobane, Sri Lanka, in 1956.

I wasn’t doing very well in Kiwayu, but scuba diving every morning and hours of painting and reading would allow a kind of calm stupor to wash over me. I have noticed that while everything seems to go to hell in life, things happen in the studio — in paintings I often find the order and construction that I miss elsewhere…

Like a samurai, I swallowed my misery and took up the brushes day after day. Toward the end of my stay, I hardly thought about my affairs of the heart.