Llorens Artigas - Cerámicas Josep Llorens Artigas December 2020 | March 2021

I pick up the primitive form: the one given by the lathe. Thus, the forms of my works are related to those of the primitive ceramics of all countries and all civilizations, and they have only come from my hands. My inventive and personal work is in the glazes and colours: here I am looking for the new.

Galería Elvira Gonzalez is pleased to present Llorens Artigas. Ceramics, the first exhibition at the gallery dedicated to the Catalan ceramist. Artigas  is one of the main renovators of western ceramic art. Driven by the noucentist spirit of Barcelona, by the resurgence of ceramic in France and by his exhaustive study of the Song dynasty ceramics. This exhibition gathers together a careful selection of pieces from different stages from 1936 and brings us closer to his perseverance with shapes and his personal universe of textures, coatings and colours.

Josep Llorens Artigas Audiovisual