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Miquel Barceló at the Louvre

12.10.2022 - 23.01.2023

Grisaille à l’espadon, 2021. 235 x 285 cm. Courtesy Galería Elvira González

The exhibition examines the still life genre from the perspective of the ongoing dialogue between artists past and present and sheds new light on our attachment to material things, while tracing the history of art from prehistoric axes to Marcel Duchamp’s found objects or readymades, via Chardin and Manet.

Miquel Barceló’s painting, “Grisaille à l’espadon”, 2021, is part of the group exhibition Les Choses (Things). In this work Barceló resorts to monochrome and grays, to highlight the abundance of food and the generosity of the table, as in Flemish still lifes. His still life is more alive than ever.

Additionally in the context of the exhibition, on October 24 at 7 pm Barceló will participate in a talk entitled Ni nature, ni morte with Marie-Laure Bernadac, as part of the conversation cycle La trace sensible des choses (The sensitive trace of things) at the Louvre Museum.