Adolfo Schlosser Adolfo Schlosser 29.04/30.05 2014

Galería Elvira González is pleased to announce the exhibition of works by Adolfo Schlosser, which opened April 29th. This is the late artist’s fourth show at the gallery. Schlosser, who lived in Spain during the final 40 years of his life, is a  Land Art artist, being his main source of inspiration Nature. Itself and that the mathematics and rhythms of the natural world served as Schlosser’s primary references when creating his body of work.

The exhibition consists of approximately 30 works, among which are included photographs, paintings and sculpture. Throughout these works there are clear references to the natural world, references that go beyond the photography and include the use of natural materials such as seaweed, stones, tree branches, natural wax and spider webs.

Adolfo Schlosser (Leitersdorf, Austria, 1939 – Bustarviejo, Madrid, 2004) studied sculpture at the Academy of Applied Arts in Graz and later, from 1957 to 1959, he studied painting at the Fine Arts Academy of Vienna. After a period of four years during which he lived in Iceland and divided his time between writing and working as a whale fisherman, he returned to Vienna. During this period he began creating his hörspiel (sound games), and by the end of the 60’s he had begun working with sculpture.