Esteban Vicente Esteban Vicente 15.09/31.07 2011

“Any one of my paintings is part of a sequence, part of a whole. None is completely separate from the others, whether they be upstream or downstream. Each picture is solved in its own way, but the continuation of the process involves all of them.”

Galería Elvira González opens the 2011-2012 season with a solo exhibition by Esteban Vicente (Turégano, Segovia, 1903 – Long Island, USA, 2001), the abstract expressionist whose work it has been showing for over twenty years.

The exhibition overviews Vicente’s body of work from the 1960s to the 1990s with a selection of original oil paintings, collages and drawings.

Though born in Spain, Vicente’s career as an artist was made largely in New York, where he moved to at the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War and was to live for the rest of his life. In the decade of the 1940s he made the acquaintance of the artists who would come to be known as the New York School, establishing close relationships with many of them.

As a result of connections with this seminal movement, Vicente’s work evolved towards his signature style. In the 1950s and 60s, figurative forms gradually disappeared from his work and were replaced by symbols and large heavily plastered stains of colour, dovetailing with the painting of his friend de Kooning.

Foreground and background are indistinguishable in both his oil paintings as well as his collages, while the composition is structured around a set of forms and volatile brushwork that takes over the whole surface of the canvas, creating a perfect, balanced composition with stains of bright colours.