La Forma Roja Esteban Vicente 06.11/31.01 2013-2014

“The technique is in the language. The language is the technique.”

Galería Elvira González is pleased to announce a new exhibition of work by Esteban Vicente entitled La Forma Roja (The Red Form).

With more than 20 works spanning the period from 1955 to 1995, The Red Form focuses on a particular compositional device frequently employed by Vicente: the placement of a red point or form that provides balance and order to the painting as a whole.

As Vicente himself often remarked, important influences on his early painting included 17th -century Spanish still-lifes and “bodegones”, the Cubist paintings of Juan Gris, and the collages of Kurt Schwitters: these were the sources Vicente drew on when composing his own work. In The Red Form we see how Vicente utilizes the presence of powerful masses of color in order to balance and calibrate the painting as a whole. By tracing his use of these red forms in all the works in the exhibit, The Red Form focuses on a specific facet of Vicente’s work. When the Spanish Civil War broke out in 1936, Esteban Vicente moved to New York and came into contact with the circle of artists out of which Abstract Expressionism would later develop. Vicente’s own career would take place entirely in New York and within the framework of Abstract Expressionism, which allowed him to develop his own, fully authentic artistic style.