Esteban Vicente. Obras de 1950 a 1996 Esteban Vicente 06.11/10.01 2008-2009

“My paintings are interior landscapes. I see them with my heart, not with my eyes”.

Galería Elvira González continues the season with a solo exhibition by the Spanish artist Esteban Vicente (1903 – 2001), born in Turégano, Segovia, and deceased in Bridgehampton, Long Island, USA.

The exhibition comprises works dated between 1950 to 1996, seven oil on canvas and eleven colleges. In these eighteen works can be seen his artistic background…At the beginning of the Spanish Civil War Vicente travels to New York where he makes contact with the Abstract Expressionism.

In his oils and collages, the background and the foreground become indiscernible, the composition being dominated by a set of volatile shapes and strokes, scattered by the canvas; stains of bright colors that form a perfect composition. As he said and quite rightly brings out Fernández-Cid in his text, we must use the language of painting… shape, structure, colour, composition, etc.

On the occasion of this exhibition, a catalogue is published with images of all the works accompanied by a text by Miguel Fernández-Cid where, under the title Painting to discover what painting is, where he paints a brilliant portrait of Esteban Vicente through several phrases of the artist himself.