Juan Asensio. Obra reciente Juan Asensio 05.11/09.01 2015-2016

“The curvature patterns that follow the leaves when they dry forced by the tension generated by their own structures”.

Galería Elvira González is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of work by Juan Asensio, opening on November 5th, and marking the artist’s seventh solo show at the gallery. “The works in this exhibition are for the most part the result of my observation of nature in my immediate environment around my studio in the Sierra de Guadarrama,” according to Asensio. The exhibition consists of 14 sculptures in which Asensio uses geometry as a starting point to approach organic and natural themes via various materials, textures and colors.

With their twisting forms and references to nature, Asensio’s sculptures result from his fascination with “models and limitations of growth as seen in certain plants,” as well as his interest “in understanding the patterns of curvature followed by leaves when they dry, driven by the tension generated by their own structures.” Nature itself is the starting point, according to Asensio “I have worked with models of flowers and leaves that I scan digitally, from the simple structure of a leaf to more complex structures of fractal geometry.”

In conjunction with the exhibition, the Galería Elvira González will publish a book about Juan Asensio’s work, financed by the Fundación Arte y Mecenazgo Prize which was awarded to the gallery’s founder Elvira González in 2014.

The book will include texts by Francisco Calvo Serraller and Juan Asensio and will offer an overview of the artist’s works from the 80’s to the most recent works on view in the exhibition.