Juan Asensio. Obra reciente Juan Asensio 15.09/28.10 2017

“Pieces with more color, with marine shapes practically. I have been incorporating more complex forms and in that sense the work has become more evident”.

Galería Elvira González is pleased to announce its 8th solo exhibition by the Spanish sculptor Juan Asensio who collaborates with the gallery since 1996.

Without abandoning his initial geometrical aim, his recent sculptures incorporate elements that refer to an organic world. This has resulted in the creation of a more complex craft that targets for a special attention to growing paths from plants and different other organic forms.

The exhibition features the 18 sculptures in marble, alabaster and die-cast aluminum where Asensio displays his particular vision between geometry and nature. From finding pieces that evoke to that first stage of abstract simplicity to others with different forms, colours and textures, the show refers to the nature around us and its rules.