Navegación situada Olafur Eliasson 20.01/02.04 2022


In “Navegación situada”, I hope to bring our sense of place and of being present under loving scrutiny

Galería Elvira González is pleased to present Olafur EliassonNavegación situada, the Icelandic-Danish artist’s fourth solo exhibition with the gallery. The opening will take place on January 20, 2022.

Navegación situada explores how we navigate the complex world of today with a series of works that investigate our sense of presence and invite the viewer into an unexpected, open terrain.

Entering the exhibition space, visitors encounter Lava residue, 2021, an array of superimposed glass sheets arranged on a shelf made of driftwood that was collected from the shores of Iceland. Originating from Siberia, the wood was carried to Iceland by sea currents and bleached by the sun and saltwater during its long transit. Elliptical cut-outs have been removed from the layers of glass to reveal hidden tones and shapes behind them.

The seven large watercolors from the series Situated absence navigator, 2021, pick up on the themes of transparency and superimposition present in the glass work. In these works, the application of successive layers of watercolor pigments gives an impression of depth, duration, and movement.

Suspended from the ceiling, the Compass travellers series, 2022, directly addresses Eliasson’s long-standing fascination with navigational instruments. These unique compasses, each incorporating an archery arrow as needle, link us to others through a subjective yet shared phenomenon: the particular visual sensation of the compass pointing north is something we all understand and share.

The projection that completes the exhibition, The missing left brain, 2022, unfolds an ever-changing symphony of shadows and reflections in front of the viewer, produced through the chance alignments of rotating lenses and optical devices.