Progresiones. 1960-1970 Donald Judd 10.09/10.10 2009

Elvira González gallery opens the season with a solo show by Donald Judd (1928, Excelsior Springs, Missouri – 1994, New York).

Donald Judd abandoned painting in 1961-1962 in favour of three-dimensional forms. At the begging of 1964 he began to have his works fabricated. He called these works Specific objects and always objected the word sculpture because it was related to art tradition and the past.

The seven progressions showed in the exhibition are dated from 1967 to 1975. These specific objects where geometry and repetition of one form, industrial material and plane colour are the basis of what was later named as minimalism.

The first prototype of a wall progression in red lacquered on wood is dated 1964. From this moment on, Judd worked with cubic structures that grow from one edge to the other in a mathematical progression. These works are a whole structure organized by the relations between each part, including the boxes and the spaces between them.