Way Out West Robert Irwin 08.11/05.01 2011-2012

Robert Irwin (Long Beach, California, 1928) is one of the pivotal US artists of his generation. Widely viewed as a true leader among West Coast practitioners, Irwin pioneered the use of space and light effects in his works. He has combined his art practice with lecturing and teaching having taught and worked with artists of the stature of James Turrell, Ed Ruscha and Chris Burden.

With a well-deserved international reputation for his seminal contribution to various art movements from the 1960’s to the present, in this show Robert Irwin presents five sculptures of fluorescent light tubes treated in various colours. Furthermore, the artist factored in the space of the gallery when designing the exhibition, on view to the public until the beginning of January 2012.

In Way Out West, Irwin explores the beholder’s perception of space and light, playing with texture, rhythm and chromatic relationships. Rather than an invasive appropriation of the space, the light of the fluorescent tubes subtly transfigures the natural lighting of the rooms, creating an enveloping sensation for the viewer.