Robert Mangold. Obras de 1973 a 2005 Robert Mangold 24.05/15.07 2017

Galería Elvira González inaugurates, on Wednesday 24th of May, the Robert Mangold. Works from 1973 to 2005 exhibition. This exhibition brings together over three decades of paintings produced by this great American artist, representative of minimalism. The exhibition shows works on canvas, paper and wood.

Robert Mangold explores, from the outset of his career, new formats, making a series of paintings that delve into shape and colour.  Since half way through the 60’s and during the 70’s, Mangold evolves using masonite panels as support with which he produces different shapes and structures, which he put together in series such as Walls, Areas, W, V or X.

The exhibition is rounded off with works from the 2000s with the Columns series which, once again, takes us to the classic world that has interested Robert Mangold so much, where the columns, some over three metres high, combine the rigidity of the canvas’s shape with the sensuality of the stokes in graphite, always making use of very subtle colours.