Roger Ackling Roger Ackling 17.03/30.04 2010

Galería Elvira Gonzalez opens on March 17 the second solo exhibition by English artist Roger Ackling (1947 Isleworth, England). The exhibition brings together 30 works produced between 2006 and 2009. Roger Ackling has produced his works for over forty years using the same method, overexposing sunlight directly through a small hand magnifying glass on pieces of wood that he finds on his walks in the countryside, creating small burnt grooves on the surface. He redirects the sun’s energy through the magnifying glass, causing a beam of light to burn the surface of the wood, creating a relief pattern.

The artist works in direct contact with nature, not in a studio. Alone, sitting directly on the ground, with the sun at his back and holding the piece of wood in his left hand and the magnifying glass in his right, concentrated solely on his work, the external visual world is no longer present, there are no thoughts that occupy him and it is in this solitary and unique moment when he comes into direct contact with his work, giving it existence. This ritual remains in the essence of the work and can be discovered by the visitor. Roger Ackling has travelled to Madrid to set up the exhibition. He has arranged the pieces in the three rooms of the gallery, on the wall, at different heights and for the first time we find them on the floor and even behind a blind. The installation of the exhibition is part of a creative process in which the artist returns to see his work once it is finished.

The exhibition can be seen at the gallery until the 30th of April.