Yoshihiro Suda Yoshihiro Suda 02.11/13.01 2017-2018

Galería Elvira González is pleased to announce its second solo exhibition by the Japanese sculptor, Suda Yoshihiro (Yamanashi, Japan. 1969)

Suda is characterised by creating sculptures in small format of plants and flowers in Magnolia tree wood, also known in Japan as hoonoki. The magnolia wood, says the artist, has had a singular evolution that makes it special for his work: “The magnolia evolved into its current shape about one hundred million years ago, and essentially, it has not changed since. I like the sense of history that emanates from this wood.”

The work of the Japanese sculptor, besides of being of a precise and outstanding detail, becomes alive with natural pigments and by being installed by the artist in unexpected places. In some occasions, the observer has even mistaken Suda’s work by carelessness in galleries and museums installations.


Yoshihiro Suda, Sophie, 2018.
Variable dimensions
Painted wood.


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