Yoshihiro Suda Yoshihiro Suda 12.09/31.10 2014

On September 12th Galería Elvira González will inaugurate the new season with first solo show in Spain of the Japanese artist Yoshihiro Suda. The show will feature the artist’s small, hyperrealist wood sculptures of plants and flowers.

For Suda, the gallery as well as its environment are fundamental for the completion of the creative act. Suda’s sculptures are conceived of as interventions which are subtly layered over existing space. Each sculpture is only half of the total work of art; the other half is the work’s installation.

Surprise is also a key element in Suda’s work; upon entering the gallery, visitors will find themselves wondering if something has escaped their attention. Although viewers will be aware that it is highly unlikely that plants might be growing from the walls of an art gallery, nonetheless the realism of each sculpture demands closer inspection. This blurring of the limit between reality and illusion lends the sculptures a surrealist quality and, in the words of the artist, “converts the commonplace into the amazing.”

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