Your successful uncertainty Olafur Eliasson 21.02/16.04 2014

Galería Elvira González is pleased to announce the upcoming exhibition of Olafur Eliasson. The exhibition will bring together new and recent work in which the Danish artist explores light, nature and the means of human perception.

Eliasson’s work, which he describes as “experimental installations”, includes photography, sculpture, drawing and video, as well as major public art commissions. Eliasson has also developed artistic projects aimed at raising public awareness of current issues, such as energy consumption and climate change. For Eliasson, the choice of particular medium or technique is merely a question of which tool is best suited for his research and creative goals.

As Sanford Kwinter as written: “The project of Olafur Eliasson has been to subject spatial and aesthetic practice to the rigors of both knowledge and invention, and at one and the same time. But if the spirit of the laboratory and of the counting house seems cold and out of place within an art practice, it is notable that every work of Eliasson figures at once as experiment or “reality test” and as a confident affirmation of the mysteries and enchantments of nature.”


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